Friday Roundup

Welcome to my weekly roundup of “things I’m loving”– stuff that made me smile this week!

1) My husband’s reorganization of our daughter’s books: In preparation for Baby #2 (due in February), we’re doing a little sorting and reorganizing in our house. We moved our daughter’s sizable book collection from the playroom/ craft room up to her bedroom, since that’s really where we do book/ story time. My husband– not usually one for thinking too deeply about the aesthetic presentation of things– single-handedly relocated all of the books. I heard him bumping things around for a little while upstairs, but didn’t think much of it. But then, when I went to put some clothes away later, I noticed how he had arranged all of the books on the shelves! By RAINBOW COLOR!!! This just made my heart sing. I think our daughter likes it, too 🙂


2) Spotify’s “Piano in the Background” playlist: Now that it’s officially too late to listen to Christmas music (even though our tree is still up), I’ve had this peaceful playlist on permanent repeat in the background while I work. It doesn’t matter what type of work I’m doing, it always sets just the right mood.

3) GGH Merino Soft Yarn: Okay, I know this isn’t extra-super-special yarn or anything. It’s probably considered “craft store yarn” in Europe, amirite? And hardcore knitters would probably roll their eyes at me. I confess, I usually buy craft store yarn here in the US (there is no local yarn store in my town, and I’m on a budget). But, considering the price of this yarn (~$5/ skein, not much more expensive than what I’d buy at my local craft store), it’s really lovely quality! And so much more pleasant to knit with than the merino I’ve bought locally. I’m using it for Epic Knits’ Yarn Quest 2018, and plan to buy some more to make socks when I’m done with this project. 100% wool, and superwash, so it can go in the washing machine! So, hip hip hooray for Euro craft store yarn!

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